That’s More Information Than I Wanted

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I read Dear Abby. I admit it. Her good ol’ homespun wisdom can be poignant or funny as hell depending on the moment.

But, what got me in a recent column was not her advice, but the advice of a reader. Apparently, a young woman wrote in recently to complain that, despite being in her 20’s, she looks very young and is often mistaken for a teenager. Several people wrote in to advise her to enjoy her youthful looks.

One writer – Rebecca from Loveland, Colorado – revealed a little more than maybe was intended in the first line of her letter…

I’m in my mid-30s and still get carded for X-rated movies, so I can relate to the problem.

Say WHAT??? Part of me wonders if she actually MEANT to say R-Rated, but I find this much more enjoyable, especially considering she is from Loveland. You go girl!

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