The Ridiculous Absurdity of the Movie Business

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It’s bad enough that we have to suffer through mindless slasher movies, stupid romantic comedies, an incessant flow of buddy cop features and blockbusters that deserve to lose every penny they lost at the box office.

But, when someone gives a feature to…wait for it…

PARIS HILTON??? I officially quit.

Last but not least, however, is a hilarious romantic comedy called The Hottie and the Nottie, which centers on “an attractive woman who refuses to marry her longtime suitor until he has set up her ugly best friend with a partner.” (How much do you want to bet that the “ugly” friend is going to be, like, Scarlett Johansson in glasses?) Who, you ask, is playing the hottie? Please — something this mindless could only feature Paris Hilton. Yes, that’s right: someone is actually going to let her star in a movie. If this ones gets overseas distribution, God is officially dead.

That little gem courtesy of also just happens to sum up my feelings exactly.

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