Who Do I Think I Am?


From UrbanDictionary.com:

  • a guy/boyfriend that tends to be genuinely perfect, extremely fine, and mind-blowingly amazing.


Hello, I’m Jeff. Here’s some basic info to get you started.

Name: Jeff Balke

Occupation: Owner, CEO, Site Mender; Freelance journalist

City of Residence: Houston, TX

Wife: Cathy

Pets: Dogs (Frank, Blue, Jackson), Cat (Luna)

Hobbies: Music, Photography

My mind is a repository for endless movie quotes, worthless pop cultural trivia and song lyrics. If you live in Houston, I probably know you or know someone you know. It’s because my interests are so diverse not because I’m well known or even particularly interesting.

I was born and raised in Houston and I am unapologetic about its failings. I love travel, have a soft spot for animals and people in need and watch way too much tv. Go me!