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Greeting Cards Getting Too Specific

My mom and I have a unique way of celebrating our mutual birthdays and Mother’s Day. Her birthday is May 1. My birthday is May 7 (Yes, you forgot it and I’ve deleted you from my Evite list as a result, so no more cat birthdays or cartoon marathon parties for you, sucka!). Mother’s Day is usually right in between… Read more →

Stuffs for Sellin’

Saw this idea on another blog… Before I go to Ebay with some of these things, I thought I’d make the pitch here. I have some music gear I’ll be selling in the coming weeks in order for me to purchase a couple new things. If you have any interest in anything here, let me know. Line 6 Bass Pod… Read more →

Crappy Weingarten Strikes Again

You know something?  Weingarten Realty is really starting to piss me off.  Houston is already known around the country as a sprawling hellhole full of nothing but run-down strip malls and all-too-common strip clubs.  Weingarten and its ilk prosper from the growth of strip malls and help to slowly destroy any sense of uniqueness the city may posses. First, it… Read more →