You’ve Got Some Huevos 59 Diner

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Why, yes it is, it is a HUEVO. This is sooo Guatemalan. Poultry is the only real form of currency there. A woman is said to be worth her weight in hens, while a mans’ value is based on the size of his cock.

While Armand from The Birdcage may have been trying to hide the cooking shortcomings of Hagador Spartacus when he said that line in The Birdcage, no one at 59 Diner was hiding these eggs when they were brought out to me looking exactly like this:

59 Diner Eggs

Does anything seem odd to you?

First, let me say that I LOVE 59 Diner. They have fantastic diner food and free wi fi, a nearly unbeatable combination. This morning, before heading to Galveston for a photo shoot, I stopped at 59 with Katya to have some breakfast.

I ordered 3 eggs, 2 English muffins and some hash browns. I was ordering them individually because I didn’t want anything greasy like bacon (sacrilege I know), but I wanted the extra protein.

The waitress first set down the plate on the left in this photo and I didn’t see the other. I thought, “This can’t be 3 eggs.” She then set down the second plate and I wondered, “Did they hand me someone’s leftovers in addition to my breakfast?”

I immediately began laughing as did Katya. It just seemed funny. When our regular waiter walked by, I asked him and he said that when eggs are ordered as a side item, they come in servings of two to a plate. So, they had to make a new plate for that one pitiful egg even though there was plenty of room on the plate with the two eggs for the other.

I found this hilarious, seriously. I quickly scraped the one egg onto the plate with two and let him take the empty plate. The waiter thought it was pretty funny too and asked if I wanted a bigger plate. He was very nice about it.

I know, pretty pointless story, but I found it funny and that’s all that matters to me, so SUCK IT READERS! I’m joking…but, seriously, suck it.

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