Wow – Domain Name Registration Company Gets It Right

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I have complained often to friends and on this blog about how difficult domain name companies are. Well, they got me today.

My company has to deal with them often and recently purchased a security certificate from They also sell domain names.

Admittedly, I do not like their interface. It’s overly complicated and confusing. But, today, they made me re-consider passing on them over their interface. After buying the certificate and getting the confirmation today, I got a phone call from them just to make sure all went ok and to let us know they have 24/7 tech support if there are any problems. WTF?

This is in contrast to the company we had used recently to buy an SSL certificate and received a corruped version. They had no contact number (I hate that) and never responded to emails. Nice.

Way to go Keep up the great work!

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