Wishlistr = Wish List on Steroids

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In the past, I have used a wishlist at Amazon.com to aide friends and family members in finding gifts for me for Christmas.  The truth is that, while I love my family and they are more than generous, sometimes they make odd choices when it comes to presents mainly because I’m probably not the easiest guy to shop for.

I like gadgets and music and movies and a variety of things of that nature, but in an increasingly complicated world of electronic devices, choices can become confusing and overwhelming.

I’ve heard, though I can’t confirm it, that looking for gifts for the geek has caused everything from Swollen Toe-itis to jaundice of the uvula (but only in women).  For a time, Amazon.com was the prescription for Problem Family Member Gift Buying Syndrome or Pain in the Ass for short.

But, Amazon is limiting for total dweebs like me and, like most nerds of my variety, I had a more voratious appetite for stuff that won’t matter to me in 6 months.  Enter Wishlistr.

This allows me to add items from any site across the web for inclusion on my big list of Christmas wishes that you have to pay for.  Maybe a platinum-lined toilet and solid gold doorknobs are expensive, but I’m pimpin’ my crib.  Sure, single-use matches made of pearls and a guitar wrapped in the original oil painting “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh might be extravagent, but I’m your son, your family member…your friend.

I stopped short of the worlds largest Hummer that gets only .07 miles to the gallon.  It’s practical and all, but I don’t really NEED it like I need the solid silver motor scooter that runs on the bark of nearly-extinct redwoods.  Now, THAT’s a gift.

Get out there and visit my Wishlistr often.  Buy as much as you can.  If you can’t buy me one of the above things, there’s always a gift certificate…to the Everything’s A Million Dollars store!

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