Wildabeasts Gone Wild on AfriCam

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Check out this little sweet dose of sweet sweetness. (Sorry, not sure what that meant.) There is this live camera that is set up at a watering hole in Africa and it draws in all kinds of wildlife. What’s really kinda creepy is that if you have the volume up, you can hear all the insects, particularly at night. Kinda reminds me of that Expedia commercial with the mosquito netting. Remember that?

Oh, yeah, this has night vision as well. Pretty interesting stuff, but very eerie at night. I kept waiting for someone to be sawed in half or for a satanic ritual to take place. But, I’m also the guy that has that damn Grudge commercia making me think I’m going to see that freaky little girl every time I open a door or look in a mirror. Thank you Hollywood slasher film commercials!

Enjoy the cam!