Wild Turkey & Ovaltine: Same Ad Agency?

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I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve heard and furrowed my brow (and harumphed!) at radio ads for Wild Turkey.  They are pretty much stupid and deserve scorn.  However, I noticed a very strange thing today. Those ads seem to be remarkably similar to ads for “rich chocolate” Ovaltine.

In the WT ads, you have a bunch of guys sitting around talking sports, laughing and asking for more bourbon.  They keep saying “pour me some more Wild Turkey” or “put some cola in my Wild Turkey.”  Of course, this is all while tailgating probably at around 10am on a Sunday morning…

Anyway, in the Ovaltine ads, little kids constantly ask for “more rich chocolate Ovaltine please.”  Yes, it is just as annoying as it sounds.  It’s just the way the ads are put together and the way that the name of the product is repeated over and over.  If it is the same ad agency, it would be interesting to know if they used a concept for alcohol AND for a children’s drink.

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