Why Must You Break Things?

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You know, I love my cats, but their sheer destructive force despite their diminutive size can be surprising. Case in point, one of my faavorite desk lamps going down last night.

It’s a wonder that windows aren’t broken or computer equipment doesn’t end up with smoke pouring out of it with my cats around. Oh, sure, they’re cute, but that is before they’ve sunk a claw into your thumb while playing and before you are awoken in the middle of the night as they knock over dining table chairs while chasing each other.

This lamp, while it has been a struggle at times due to many confusing tightening mechanisms, was cool looking and did what it was supposed to do – provide light. The cats would occassionally switch it on and off or from the low setting to bright. But, last night, they finished it off.

Miraculously, there were no electrocutions that I know of, just the remnants of a once proud lamp that had succumb to the will of the creatures that actually run the house despite all of my efforts to the contrary.

To quote Brick from Anchorman: I love lamp.


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