Why Do I Keep Blogging About Sex Toys Like Dildo Lamps?

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Dildo LampI recently alerted you all to the amazing totally creepy dental innovation known as the Blow Guard. In an effort to make your sex even sexier, I have something just as good: the dildo lamp.

When I was married, my ex and I used to hide things from our families when they would visit. It’s bad enough to have the books on Wicca or The Joy of Sex sitting on the bookshelf, but it’s just creepy when your mom says, “You have the Madonna sex book? Can I see it?” which totally happened by the way.

Like any self-respecting, mildly degenerate children of suburban middle class families do, we pretended to be normal even though the whole exercise smelled like potpourri and shame.

If only we had the dildo lamp, we could have hid our sex toys in plain sight. See, the dido lamp is a pseudo stylish lamp with a hidden compartment. But, instead of hiding gold bullion or priceless jewels, you hide a giant plastic schlong.

Who doesn’t need one of these? Instead of turning on your “Heart Light” every night as Neil Diamond suggested, you can turn on your cock light and let it shine wherever you go if by wherever you mean the safety of your own bedroom, living room, basement or dungeon. What’s even more awesome (or pathetic and sad; you choose) is the fact that the lamp changes color when the dildo is removed just in case you need to let your lover know that the party got started a little early tonight.

Of course, this is just a prototype on display as part of the exhibit: LOVE DESIGN – 20 Designers about LOVE at a gallery in Milan this April. The showcase includes designs that are “part of the Bibelot Sexual series where objects that seemed to be just for the home are in fact high-spirited objects of pleasure.” Next up, the anal beads curtain drawstring and the vagina toaster (or not).

What might be the most disturbing thing about this whole story is this photo:

Dildo Lamp Bedroom

What is this, a XXX bed and breakfast? Not only do we have the flowery padded headboard (admittedly, the padding could come in handy for you freaks) and the lovely lace frilly bed sheets, but there’s a bunch of glass shit just waiting to fall on your head and send you to the ER (try explaining that to the doctor) and one freaky little cherub dangling precariously over the bed suspended by some sort of black magic.

There in the center of the bed is a big blue dildo laying sadly on its side. Was this an artful choice by the photographer or did he just not want to offend the little naked cherub by pointing the phallus at him like a blue heat seeking missile of death?

Since this lamp is all about “design,” what is a cheesy 80’s chrome lamp doing in Martha Stewart’s bedroom? Shouldn’t there be some funky antique boudoir lamp with a tassled shade in this quaint little cottage disaster? And what the hell is up with that weak ass reproduction shabby chic night stand complete with imitation brass keyhole and no drawer pull? The lack of a pull on the drawer is probably why the woman who lives in this faux farmhouse suburban nightmare needs a dildo lamp in the first place since the respectable place to keep your sex toys is the night stand and you can’t do that when the damn drawer won’t open.

Oh, and will someone return that library copy of Little Women (the plastic dust jacket is a dead giveaway). I’m betting fines have reached at least a dollar by now.

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