Where the Hell is Houston

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I got a copy of the new OS X – Tiger – a couple days ago. It rocks like I thought it would. Some of the stuff in it like the Widgets in Dashboard are just kick-you-in-the-ass cool. But, one minor annoyance was the listing of cities for some of the Widgets.

When I pulled up the clock in Dashboard, it only listed Dallas and Austin. Obviously, we’re in the same time zone, but why bother listing those two cities and not the state’s most populous?

Plus, we all know that Dallas is so pretentious, it is always 3 or 4 minutes ahead of Houston just to be bitchy and Austin is on it’s own clock that has something to do with astrology, Wicca and pachuli, so setting it to those times is going to guarantee that I’m off from normal, sane-person time.

Then I open the weather widget and it is set to Austin automatically. I don’t give a crap if it is raining small children in Austin or that the five-day forecast includes a deluge of lesbian folk singers and party cloudy coffee from Starbuck’s and a 100 percent chance of indie pretentiousness. We all know that anyway.

So, I set it to Houston and, ahhh, nicely done. Now, I feel normal.

I have to re-boot the machine later and it resets…to Austin weather. WTF? Don’t make me hurt you, Tiger?

It appears to be working now, thankfully. I was feeling the urge to put on a cowboy shirt and bowling shoes and head over to the salon to get my hair moused into a pompador. Then, I’d be the shiznit.

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