What’s Better Than Being a Millionaire?

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Apparently, being a BILLIONAIRE! A man who recently won the Powerball Lottery in Idaho has decided that being millions of dollars richer just won’t quite do it. He wants to be a billionaire within 15 years. I guess you have to aim high.

Ok, I win $220 million in a lottery, I’m thinking the first thing I do isn’t to announce that I want more. But, that’s what our friend here did…

Brad Duke, a 33-year-old regional fitness director for a health-club chain, said he hopes to build a $1 billion portfolio within 15 years.

“What better opportunity to have than me at my age with this money to build a billion-dollar empire to take care of my family and to give opportunities to the people who have given me opportunities,” he said Wednesday.

The fact that he used the word “empire” in his statement makes me dubious, but suggesting that he will then use it to take care of his family…WTF? You take the one-time $123 million payout (instead of taking the whole amount over 30 years) to build your “empire” and that’s really just to benefit your family?

Why do I have a feeling he won’t be America’s next billionaire?

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