What the Hell is This?

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We have a lot of interesting bugs in our yard, but this one definitely takes the cake.

I went out to get the mail this morning and I turn around and see this on the window:

What the hell???

I ran and got my trusty digital camera and snapped a few shots. This is a BIG bug. Probably 1.5 to 2 inches long with at least that large of a wingspan.

My first thought was that it looked like a stealth bomber, but what is REALLY odd is the markings. The thing looks so much like a piece of wood, you almost want to set a cup of coffee on it.

The wood grain, when seen close up, is astounding. I could see how this bug could EASILY blend into the bark on a tree. Damn, nature is amazing.

I sent the pic to my wife for identification. No doubt she’ll have it figured out in no time.

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