What the Hell am I Doing?

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That probably should be “what the hell WAS I doing” since this post is about my weekend. Haven’t really reported on my weekends lately. Now is as good a time as any to start.

I actually started things on Thursday when I went up to Austin to meet my friend, Angie, and her husband. Angie is like my sister and since she has moved to San Francisco, I’ve only seen her a couple times (once out there earlier this summer). She was in Austin for the Austin City Limits Music Festival, so good opportunity to hang out.

We at lunch at Austin Java and then went to see Little Miss Sunshine. What a great film. Two thunbs significantly far up. Why does that sound dirty? Anyway, I made it back in time to catch up with Katya and a fellow Flickr enthusiast, Melissa, who was in town from Detroit on business. She and Katya took the day to take some photos around Houston.

I met them at the Waterwall, took some photos and then we ate at Baba Yega’s. Long day, but fun.

Friday was busy for work, but the evening was quiet. I spent a few hours playing around with WordPress. Since I got EatingPaper running, I was trying out some other themes and got the idea to play around with a blog for ClutchFans.

Saturday, I literally just laid around all day. I tweaked my neck when I was drying my hair and since I had a gig that night, I wanted to take it easy. Katya came by and we left just after 7pm for a show at a small festival out in Spring. Not more than a block away, the guy running the fest called and said the turnout was so low they were pulling the plug. Great.

I called everyone and K and I ended up going back to the waterwall just to get night shots like this one:

Walk Through the Fire

Today was football day with the disaster that is the 2006 Houston Texans. Whatevs. I’m just ready for basketball season.

It should be a busy week. Gig at Rudz this Friday. Come one, come all.

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