What is it with My Truck and Gigs?

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I got a call from my friend, Stacey Steger, last night saying she was going to be performing live on KPFT at 2am Saturday morning and would I be interested in tagging along, maybe shooting some pictures? Sounded interesting and I went.

I hung out with her and her dad, Ken, who plays with her as well as talented singer/songwriters Carrie Ann Buchanan and Sarah Golden before they went on. I brought along my acoustic because Ken needed an extra.

I didn’t realize the show was two hours, but I figured, what the hell? It’s Friday night.

They had a good show and I even managed a few pics (see below). At around 4:15am, I went outside to find the front passenger tire on my truck had been slashed. WTF? Who wanders around with a screwdriver or knife or whatever and says, “You know what would be fun? Slashin’ tires!”

I just parked the truck in a safe spot – well, safe as possible – and went with Stacey, Ken and Sarah to get some breakfast. Sarah was kind enough to drive me home. I crashed at 5:30am and was up before 10am to figure out what to do. Got a wrecker and made the long, slow haul back to Discount Tire where my truck still sits awaiting a tire change.

Not sure what the issue with me and my truck at gigs. I’ve lost my keys in Surfside, had my truck towed from a gig on the weekend of my birthday and now this. Maybe I should rent cars for gigs or something.


In summation:

Tow truck: $65
Tire replacement (w/warranty): $17.50
Getting my tire slashed in the Montrose at 4am on a Saturday morning: Priceless

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