What is a Dork?

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I saw this posted on the Utata Flickr Group and I had to copy it over here.

I’m a dork. Dork means cute, smart, and funny, with an offbeat sense of humor, a nonconformist way of thinking and talking, and a pride in being a tad unconventional. If you asked my girlfriend to describe me in one word, she’d shout, “DORK!!!” Dorks make references to Star Trek (knowing full well that Star Trek has never been cool) , issue lame puns, and laugh at silly things. Dorks have a sense of the absurd. They’re witty and goofy. You won’t often see a dork at a nightclub with slicked-back hair and a backwards baseball cap. Dorks aren’t shallow or boring. Dorks own Pillsbury Doughboy dolls and calculator watches.

Ok, I don’t have the dolls or the calculator watch, but this (hopefully) sounds like me. I’m a DORK!

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