Welcome to the Worst Time to Be a Houstonian!

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It’s August, do you know where your good weather is? Oh, sure, July is hot and June is no picnic, but these are the weeks that try a man’s soul. From August through September, it is brutal in Houston.

High temps routinely reach the high 90’s and we reach the height of hurricane season. If you are a kid, you get to go back to school to boot. Hooray!

I love living in Houston, but if I had the option to live somewhere else for six weeks out of the year, I would gladly trade in my Bayou City locale for somewhere cooler between the second week of August and the third week of September. I’d just board up the ol’ house, empty the fridge, turn off the electricity that currently makes me re-evaluate the benefits of having light and move away until the hurricanes begin to slow down and the weather begins to lighten up.

Oh, yes, I know that it stays warm into late September and even early October and I also know that hurricane season officially runs through November, but the chances of cooler weather arriving are at least a tad higher and the threat of hurricanes significantly lower that it would be worth the risk.

The only good news is that we are less than eight weeks from October. Hard to believe, but before long, we’ll reach the most beautiful time to live in Houston. Now if we can only make it through what I lovingly refer to as “Satan’s Armpit,” we’ll get our reward.

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