Weekend of Music, Puppies and Pictures

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I had quite a fun, long weekend. After a fairly quiet Friday, Katya and I went to the American Kennel Club World Series of Dog Shows being held at the Reliant Center. Imagine hundreds of dogs doing everything from typical showing to running obstacle courses to catching frisbees to just being sweet and loving. It was puppy paradise.

As you can imagine, we took loads of pictures (see a few of mine below) and petted lots of dogies. My personal faves included the bulldog (all varieties), the bull mastiff, the bull terriers (all varieties) – really anything with “bull” in it – the Alaskan malamute, the rottweillers, the akita and the miniature pincher. But, all the dogs were really quite sweet and the owners were more than happy to oblige in photo taking.

Saturday evening, we went to see Paul Simon at the Woodlands Pavillion. As a nice bonus, legendary dobro player Jerry Douglas, who has played with everyone from Simon to Alison Krauss and everyone in between, opened with his band doing instrumentals. Simon was brilliant and included the incredible Steve Gadd on drums. Seeing Gadd perform “Late in the Evening” was worth the cost of admission.

I’m not sure why some people go to concert though. There was a woman behind us who didn’t know anything but Simon’s most popular hits. She would scream at the top of her lungs during those and sing along, badly. The rest of the time, she mixed in comments like the following:

During Jerry Douglas…

“Who is this?”
“Get off the stage!”
After saying this was his last song, “Good! Now, go home!”

During Simon…

“Don’t play something we don’t know!”

She was a real charmer. Just a tip for those of you who think your $50 gives you the right to heckle, it doesn’t.

But, setting that aside, the entire show was great and we even got to meet Douglas who sat down and signed copies of his CD. Really, REALLY nice guy.

On Sunday, we headed BACK to the dog show. It isn’t every day you get to take pictures at a dog show, so we wanted to take advantage.

You can’t have too many puppy pictures I always say.

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