Weekend of Music and Benefits

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I spent most of my weekend working in a lot of different ways. I played music, engineered music, took pictures, did web work and cleaned house (ok, I’m ABOUT to do that last one). But, it was fun and it was mostly for a good cause.

Plus, I haven’t played live in a couple of months, so that was a nice change of pace.


On Friday, I did some work in the morning and then headed out to Chris’ to work on the orange is in CD. We got a lot of good work in and are very close to finishing guitars. He is laying down some really terrific tracks.

That evening, I went out to my friend Carolann’s neck of the woods to drop off her camera. She left it in my camera bag a couple weeks back and her son’s birthday was Saturday. I got to meet him, in fact. He’s a really good kid and very smart. Plus, he knows all the lines to movies I do, so we got along well. 🙂

We hung out for a bit and I made my way back home. I managed to watch Collateral on cable. That was a very good movie. Jamie Foxx deserved the Academy Award nomination for that one.


I woke up fairly early Saturday and met up with Rebecca to get breakfast at Le Peep in the Village. We hung out most of the afternoon while she regailed me with tails of her trip to California. She even brought me back an Apple t-shirt from their official store in Cupertino that says “I Visited the Mothership.” Awesome!

We rode the light rail and ended up caught in the rain by the zoo, but managed to get lunch before heading home. It was loads o’ fun.

Saturday night I headed out to Numbers to catch the first night of the two-day hurricane benefit from My City Rocks. I saw my friend, Dianne Cupps, perform comedy. She’s pretty damn funny. Plus, I saw a lot of cool bands.

First up was Sharks and Sailors. Cool band with an 80’s-ish vibe. Lots of energy and, overall, very cool.

After them came Heist at Hand. This is a very tight three-piece with a female singer. Really interesting samples and loops mixed with a live rock band reminicent of Muse and Evanescence. The guitar player works at the Apple Store in the Galleria and gave me a CD. Very cool stuff.

Bring Back the Guns was next. This is a screamo band that I have a hard time understanding to be honest. But, the singer is hilarious and they are fine musicians. Not really my cup of tea, but they are very good at what they do and loud as hell.

Spain Colored Orange came on after that and was very good. I’ve seen them before. They remind me of a 70’s pop band with a prog rock sensibility. They have two keyboard players (great Fender Rhodes stuff), a bassist, guitarist, drummer and a trumpet player. Interesting line up and they are starting to get a following. Really nice guys as well.

Arthur Yoria did a semi-acoustic set next. He played acoustic and sung but used sampling delays to record short bits and sing/play over them. Arthur is a good guy and a talented songwriter.

I took a ton of photos that I will post probably tomorrow. Good crowd and a solid benefit. I didn’t stay for Micheal Haaga. I was worn out by that point.


Had a rehearsal with orange is in and then played at the benefit at the Continental Club that is ongoing as I type this. Good group of musicians and lots of people I haven’t seen in a while.

I was worn out from the weekend so I headed home after our set, which was surprisingly good considering the lack of rehearsal over the last two months. Nice to get back out and play for a good cause.

So, that’s it. On to clean house and get ready for the week. Woot!

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