Weekend of Fun Recap

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I had quite a fun and entertaining weekend. It was a combination of good music, good company and a little work – not much.

I got to take some pictures, see some bands, hang with friends and, amazingly enough, actually relax a bit. Surprise, surprise. Here’s the down and dirty.


Had a good day on Friday finishing up some much-needed work and getting things lined up for a deadline coming in a couple weeks. There were a few anxious moments, but, otherwise, all good.

Lots of good bands playing Friday and Saturday, so I had my pick. I decided on Guy Forsyth and Los Super Vatos at the Continental Club, but I first went for some dinner at Sweet Tomato.

I ran into my friend Trevor and his wife, Connie. I haven’t seen him in a while and we sat and ate together. Connie is expecting their first child – congrats! Nice to get to see them again.

After a few hours of catching up on some work and generally hanging out, I headed out to the CC. It was already filling up by the time I got there – before 10pm. I ran into my buddies in Los Super Vatos. The guitarist, Artie Villasenor, and the drummer, Steve Salazar, are both guys I played with in the Basics and Sancho.

The band was very good. They were an interesting mix of Latin, blues, rock and even some swing. Their salsa version of It’s Not Unusual was the highlight.

I took about 200 picturs of the night (soon to be posted) and had a lot of fun. Playing with the camera, I really tested my flash and fooled around with the aperature and shutter speeds. I have struggled to capture true color in low light settings with a flash and I was determined to work on it. Overall, I got a lot of good shots – probably 75 or 80 usable.

I headed home after the start of the Forsyth set as I was getting pretty tired. On my way home, my friend, Carolann, caught me on the cell and we chatted for quite a while. Actually, it was a very long while come to think about it. But, she’s awesome, so it was worth it.


This was the first day I’ve had in a while where I did very little. I cleaned the laundry room and got some needed work done. I talked to my good friend, Laura, for a couple hours and watched some of the Texans game. I hung out for a while with Rebecca as well before she headed off to Surf Camp. Woot!

Around 10:30pm, I was considering going out to catch either the Southern Backtones at Rudz or maybe the Sonnier Brothers at Dan Electro’s, but I was too damn lazy. I ended up sitting around until around midnight and then just crashed. It was actually nice for a change.


Sunday was a fun-day (thanks, Prince and the Bangles) indeed. I finished up a few things around the house and then headed up to the Woodlands to hang out with Carolann. We went over to the new Market Square area. Pretty cool – like Rice U. Village in the burbs.

We had some dinner and hung out for a few hours. It was a really nice time.

I was going to go out and see my mom, but it was getting late and I was ready to head on home. I managed a few more hours of hanging out later and chatting online. Then, off to bed with me!

This was a nice, relaxing weekend. I hope to take Friday off this week and turn next weekend into a four-day extravaganza with the Monday holiday. Yee haw!

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