Weekend Notes

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Had a gig in Austin at Trophy’s on Friday night. Trophy’s is on Congress down from Continental Club. Interesting place. Some friends showed up. It was fun. Got home around 5am after Chris and I got some food.

I literally did nothing on Saturday. I had intended to take some pictures and, while I did get this shot of a wreck on Washington Ave…


that was the extent of it.

Went to see a reunion of the Missles at Dan Electro’s Saturday night. I used to be in bands that shared bills with them back in the early 90’s. They are sort of a Smithereens/Jason and the Scorchers/The Pursuit of Happiness kind of band. Good to see them play again and you can’t beat songs like Sex God and I Get No Respect from the Public News.

Today, I went out to Old Town Spring to the Crawfish Festival. Obviously, I’m not going for the mud bugs. But, I did get some pictures like this one…


It was hot as hell, so I stayed for an hour or so and headed out.

Before I left, I looked in the SUV parked in front of me and there was a dog locked in it with the engine off and the windows rolled up. WTF? Who would actually leave their animal in the boiling heat in a locked car??? I immediately went over to the little tent with the police and alerted them. As I was leaving, they were heading over to get the dog out.

In case you hadn’t figured it out, it is not only stupid to leave an animal trapped in a hot car while you go to a festival, it is against the law.


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