Wasted $$$ on Crappy GAP Jeans

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Someone remind me never to buy Gap jeans again. All I wanted was a pair of dark jeans. Since I’ve lost weight over the past 7 or 8 months, I’ve had to replace my jeans and I really didn’t have a decent darker pair. I saw a pair at the Gap and thought they looked cool. First mistake.

First off, they didn’t fit as well once they were washed. This should clue me in immediately. And, this isn’t the typical shrinkage (shut up, Seinfeld fans) you get when you wash a pair of jeans and suddenly they are too small.

These seemed to shrink in the insead – totally odd – making them almost un-wearable. But, I gave it a shot, nevertheless, on Friday. I get out to the driveway to lean down and pet one of the outdoor kitties and I hear a rip.

I look at the knee on my pants and there is a tear being held together by the threads – in the freakin’ knee! I have often complained that buying expensive jeans is a waste for me. In general, it’s true. With all the playing I do, hauling equipment, crawling around on the floor hooking up pedals or laying cable both on stage and in the studio, it is a wonder any of my jeans survive.

But, to have them tear on the first day in my driveway with nothing other than the force of stretching is just ridiculous.

I figured I could at least use them as work jeans and they couldn’t possible rip more. Oh, no. I sit down at the computer 10 minutes ago and the small rip is now a gaping hole and not even in the direction of the original tear. This tore a whole NEW direction!!!


What a friggin’ waste. I’ve had jeans from Target that I bought on sale for under $20 that have lasted years and these pieces of crap make it two wears and less than a week. Great!

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