Wanted: Wee Person for Bachelor Party – Nothing Degrading

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Oh, crap. Some days, I love Craigslist.org. Actually, I mostly like when people send me things from Craigslist.

This one came from Rebecca (bless you!) and it is just too freakin’ hilarious.

Here is the actual substance of the ad:

Very fun-loving group of 10-12 guys looking to find a midget/small person to accompany us for a bachelor party the evening of March 4. Nothing degrading or anything…the groom to be finds such wee folk fascinating, and I know he’d love to hang with/get drunk with a cool, laid back person who (like the rest of the bunch) is just up for a good time that evening.

We’re doing the typical things–pub crawl, gent’s club, etc. Email for more details if available (serious replies, please).

I love that they have to say “Nothing degrading or anything.” Dude, if you have to say it…

It reminds me of Bill Parcells (coach of the Dallas Cowgirls) telling the media that they have “jap plays” and “no disrespect to the Orientals.” God, help us all.

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