Unbelieveable Words of Wisdom

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the well-respected Latin author, wrote a letter to his friends upon his retirement to battle lymphatic cancer and these are words to live by.

If for a moment, God forgot that I am a mere cloth puppet and granted me life, I would use up all that time as wisely as I could…

I probably wouldn’t say all the things that I think, and I would definitely think about the things that I say

I would value things not by their worth, but by their meaning

I would sleep less and dream more, I understand that for every minute that we close our eyes, we miss sixty seconds of light

I would walk when others stop and I would wake up while others sleep

If God granted me a piece of life, I would dress simply, i would lay out in the sun baring not only my body but my soul

I would prove men wrong when they think they quit falling in love when they get old, by letting them know that they get old when they quit falling in love

I would give a child wings and I would let him learn how to fly on his own

To the old, I would teach them that death does not come with age, but with losing the memories

I have learned so many things about mankind:

Everybody wants to live in the top of the mountain, without knowing the true happiness is in the climbing

I have learned that when a newborn holds his father’s finger with his tiny fist for te first time, he traps him forever

I have learned that the only instance in which a man is allowed to look down upon another man, is when he is helping him get back up

I have learned so many things about mankind, but they must not be very useful, for when they put me away in my valise, I will be dying

Always say what you feel and do what you think…

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