Two of the Funniest Yet Scariest Things EVAR!

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I’ve mentioned on here many times that I love the internet. I love it for many reasons but mostly I love it because it allows the expression of things we don’t normally see in everyday life and certainly wouldn’t be able to experience without it. Here are two of those things.

First, let me explain a couple vocabulary terms before I go much further. You might notice certain words on here seemingly misspelled. For example, the title of this post includes the word “EVAR.” You may also see, from time to time, “hawt” or “hawtness” or “teh hawtness.” These are all internet slang. Yes, even the internet has slang.

Some of you know this, so just skip it and move on. For the rest of you, most of these were misspellings on bulletin boards or things of that nature. EVAR instead of EVER because a slang for a significant point of emphasis. To say, for example, “The Matrix was the best movie EVAR” is high praise.

“Hawtness” almost always refers to women. “Teh hawtness” is a misspelling of the word “the” and “hawtness” is just hotness spelled oddly for emphasis. A sentence like, “That girl is teh hawtness” basically means that she is REALLY attractive.

For more on lovely internet terminology, check out the Urban Dictionary which gives meanings and, if you are luck, histories of words like the above.

Now, on to the business at hand. First, is a video sent to me by my good friend Laura. This is one of the funniest, scariest, most bizarre things you’ll ever see and yet another reason we should all pretend the 70’s never happened. Apache!!!!

Apache…the Video

The other is a Flash movie file that has to be seen to be comprehended. Warning – the song will get lodged in your brain. Enjoy!


So, there you have it…the reason the internet rules. Have fun, folks!

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