Twenty-Four Hours and Counting

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Hurricane Rita continues to “churn” or is it “rumble” or…well, use whichever news jargon adjective you like. Bottom line, Rita is on her way and everyone here is bugging out.

This morning for me should be relatively quiet, but I have made one change of plans.

I’ve decided to pick up my cats from the boarding place this morning. I cannot say enough for Pride Kennels in Conroe. Pennie, the owners, has been terrific.

But, knowing we have enough room here at my mom’s, it just makes more logistical sense to bring them here. Plus, I’ll know where they are. In the case of any emergencies, I won’t have to go out hunting for cats.

In addition, this is the kind of storm where a few miles may make a significant difference. Montgomery is about 15 miles west of Conroe. The eye of the hurricane is only about 20 miles wide meaning if it comes on shore even in Galveston and proceeds northward as forecast, we’ll still be on the “clean side of the storm.”

Amazing how even just a few miles can make a difference. It appears that somewhere near high island is likely for landfall as the storm has taken a more northwesterly track overnight.

It also could weaken a bit before coming on shore, but we’ll see.

Anyway, all of us will soon be safe and sound here in Montgomery.

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