TV Crushes

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Divine Calm, one of the blogs I read, had a great post about television crushes when you are growing up. I thought this would be an appropriate place to purge myself of those memories. Because, you always want to do this in public, am I right? So, here goes.

Jaclyn Smith, the hottest of all the Charlie’s Angels. Don’t try to argue. You’ll only lose.

Erin Grey from Buck Rogers and later Silver Spoons. She was way hotter than the evil princess on Buck Rogers too. We all know it.

Ok, even I’ll admit this is kinda different for me. I don’t usually go for the typical blonde, tanned California types, but I have no problem admitting this Heather Thomas (Fall Guy) poster was on my wall.

I didn’t watch Twin Peaks, but this was reason enough to watch if I wanted to do so. From left, Lara Flynn Boyle (pre anorexia), Sherilyn Fenn (more on her later) and Madchen Amick. Three of the hottest women ever on a single tv show.

And missing from this pic, the dead Laura Palmer character who was in the prequel film…

Sheryl Lee

But, getting back to the original three, the best of them all, in my opinion, was Fenn.

Can you argue? I think not.

So, there you have it. My childhood/teenage television crushes. Got any you want to admit to? 🙂

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