True-th in Advertising

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I’ve mentioned on here several times about a pet peeve I have. That is the need for basic truth in advertising. I’m not saying that an advertiser shouldn’t push fantasy or try to be enticing. I’m just saying that let’s not get stupid.

On, I’ve noticed ads for, a dating service that borders on, well, you’ll get the picture. prides itself of helping you to supposedly find compatible matches. They say that they do intensive background checks and will prosecute those who are married or criminals and lie about it.

Ok, fine, good for them. They also suggest that they will help you find people who are compatible with you and do it in a safe and comfortable environment. Think e-harmony lite.

What I’m trying to figure out is what this ad campaign has to do with that:

Camoflage, dog tags and a driving cap. This says to me that I’m militant about my dating and I like a saucy hat. Yes, she’s hot, but I’m not sure I’d find her either safe or compatible…for more than a few hours anyway. Plus, she’s “ready for action.” Is that military action or do they just mean she is ready for someone to storm her castle? Er…

I get it…”Get Back” in big words as in, “This baby’s got BACK.” Werd. Again, is this somehow advocating safe, compatible dating? I guess for those who like to freak dat booty, it totally is.

Now, we’re getting somewhere. First off, this model’s name is “jan” apparently because the original graphic is called “jan_” something. So, Jan is really interested in us having a good Valentine’s Day and for us to be naughty. That’s great. Thanks, Jan.

But, again, what does any of this have to do with safe, secure, compatible dating online?

Of course, the answer is: nothing.

We get hot chicks in skimpy outfits promoting “action,” “back” and being “naughty.” That is from the safe, secure, compatible dating service. God only knows what we’d get from the totally dangerous, completely insecure, totally unrealistic dating service.

Actually, that might be more fun because it would at least be honest.


Hey, found another one…

World record in love, eh? And everyone thought Sting was the nookie machine.

Oh, a couple more…

She’s going to rock your world! 🙂


Found another one…

The file was originally named “boyshorts_” something. Nice. Funny that I would say “nice” because, according to this, it is nice to be naughty.

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