Top 10 Blogs I Read This Year

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Wayne's Top 10End of year blog posts are ubiquitous. They’re everywhere. So, naturally, I had to do one as well. Don’t like it, suck it!

I’m kidding. You don’t have to suck anything you don’t want, but, seriously, suck on this.

10: CakeWrecks

I only recently discovered this absolute gem of a blog detailing the many ways deserts can go wrong. Their holiday post is one of the funniest things I’ve read all year. Merrychrist Mas? Let It’s Snow? Marry Christnos? The joy.

9. Largehearted Boy

Largehearted Boy is my favorite source for daily music links. He always seems to have links to in-depth stories that not only help me get information for Broken Record, but make for good reads as well. One of my favorite music blogs, period.

8. Kings of A&R

I found this cool music blog this year and, like Largehearted Boy, it provides a lot of good information about the music biz. Their post in June about why modern music has lost its impact should be required reading for music bloggers.

7. 30 Days Out

Full disclosure: this blog is written by my dear friend and songwriting partner of many years, George Kovacik, and a friend of his. I’ve written a couple of reviews for them as well. But, truthfully, it is a very well-written blog for a niche of the music world often under-represented online. Give it a read.

6. The Superficial

For my money, still the funniest celeb/gossip blog on the internet. I aspire to be as funny a writer as the people at the Superficial because they don’t take themselves seriously at all and just have fun. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they have pictures of Katy Perry in a bikini. I’m just sayin’.

5. The Blogess

Jenny is one of the honest-to-God funniest people on the planet. When she talks about her finger cancer pinata or posts a conversation between she and her husband, Victor, I rarely make it through a post without a laugh (of the LOL variety even). It’s just a bonus she is from Houston and a very sweet friend.

4. SciGuy

There is NO BETTER hurricane coverage in Houston than what Eric Berger provides for the Chronicle and no better way to follow that coverage than through his SciGuy blog. His painstakingly accurate, thoughtful, calm and often personal discussion of Hurricane Ike was solace for a worried and, ultimately, weary city.

3. Idolator

No longer part of the Gawker Media network that still has #2 on the list and Fleshbot, which I would…cough…NEVER read (more than once a day), Idolator has quickly become my favorite music blog. The posts are insightful and not just re-hashing of things you find on other sites.

2. Jezebel

Jezebel reads as part Cosmo, part Perez Hilton, part Huffington Post and part modern feminist manifesto. It’s refreshing, direct, honest and hysterically funny. The Pot Psychologist videos are some of the funniest viral videos I’ve ever seen and their commentors, at times, rival Defamer.

1. YesButNoButYes

They are obsessed with bacon, the love streakers and boobs and their name reads like a line from Will Ferrel’s character in Elf. I don’t know how I missed this blog before, but it is a daily read for me and I find myself opening multiple tabs from my Bloglines account to look at all the stories they post. And, for that, they are my #1 blog of 2008.

Congratulations to the winners. You’ve won nothing. That’s not totally true. I think it’s cool and that is worth a million dollars if by “a million dollars” you mean nothing. If that is what you think, then, yay, you’re a millionaire.

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