Tons of Gigs Plus Recording on the Agenda

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I hadn’t really taken a good look at my musical schedule until today and I realized that I have a TON of gigs coming up with four different bands. Plus, orange is in is in pre-production for making a record starting in mid-May.

orange is in actually has the next few weeks off from gigs, which is perfect timing to work in new material and prepare to record a full-length cd in mid-May. We’ve already been talking and planning for how we are going to do it – from budget to song choices to recording setups – which is good considering we’ll need two months to record it and probably won’t release it until September.

We decided to record the basic tracks and do mixdown with my friend, Mark Shannon, at Bungalow Studios about 4 blocks from me. All the overdubs will be done at Chris’ room, which he is now really promoting to do new projects. We get great sounds there. The purpose of going to Bungalow is to make recording drums and basic tracks easier and more convenient – bigger room, more mics, etc.

With mixdown, we just want a room that has been analyzed well and an experienced engineer to work with us on it.

Anyway, back to the gigs. I have three with orange is in from April 15 at the Aeros game to a show in Dallas to back at Rudz in early May.

Slapshifter has added a bunch of gigs including a trip back to Rudz in May preceeded by shows at the Engine Room, Last Concert Cafe (for the NORML annual benefit) and the yearly South by Due East anti-SXSW fest here in town.

On top of that, Leesa and I will be doing a pair of gis with Paisley Close, Amy’s celtic band, including one outside New Orleans the first weekend in April and St. Patrick’s Day at the Meridian.

Finally, Chris, Leesa and I will be backing up my good bud, Stacey Steger in Austin at Momo’s on the 12th of this month.

Like I said, busy…as hell. Is hell really all that busy, though? Hmmmmm…

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