Tom Cruies is Out of His Mind and So NOT Gay!

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We all know how hard Tom Cruise tries to prove his lack of gayness. We all know his penchant for tall women, his psycho laugh and his Scientology. But, if we hadn’t realized it before now, we should all know that he is officially off his rocker. Here’s proof.

Not only is the guy running around with Katie Holmes – not saying I fault his taste in women, just that she wasn’t even on training wheels when he was in his first feature film – but he’s acting crazy in public.

He publically took a shot at Brooke Shields. At first, I thought it was for being too old to look exactly like his current girlfriend. But, apparently, it was because Shields took anti-depressants during a bout with post-pardem depression and Cruise’s Scientology beliefs find this disturbing.

Ok, Tom, when you can pop one out on your own and not suffer depression, you can complain. Until then, shut it.

Of course, there is also the ongoing, “You can’t handle the truth!” fight to protect the public from his gayness. Dude couldn’t be more gay if he quit acting to be an interior designer. Maybe Oprah could hook him up with her design guru, Nate Burkis, who is also so NOT gay. Riiiiigght!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

And speaking of Oprah, to prove his undying and creepy old man love for Holmes, she and Cruise made an appearance on the O-show. If you didn’t believe Tom was crazy before, just watch…

this and then watch this. Ok, convinced now?

Yeah, I know. He’s crazy.

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