To Do List: Watch Movie, Overthrow Board, Lunch

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My mom sent me an email today that I just had to post.  It was so hilarious in its nonchalance, I couldn’t help it.  Just to set the stage, she and some of her neighbors have been involved in a nasty squabble with their home owner association.  This is the exact content of the email with the beginning edited out for length.

We saw Running With Scissors was great!  Sat. we overthrew the board in our POA and went to Roberta’s open house.  She and her fiance are moving up on Lake Conroe.  It’ll be nice to have a friend closeby.

To me, this is freaking hysterical!  It’s like the diary entry for the leader of a bloody coup.

We had a lovely day of wine and cheese yesterday. Sat. we overthrew the king and installed a puppet regime then had a feast at the home of Baron Von Schnauser and his wife. They have moved from that old dingy castle to an estate nearby.  So good to have friends close.

I never knew my mom was so cool and calculating. What makes it doubly scary is that she didn’t even realize that what she wrote was so funny until I pointed it out.  Yikes!

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