Times All Screwed Up

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You know, I like using this cool little piece of software to post my blogs, but I just realized last night that it has been showing the times of my bolgs as two hours earlier than the time I actually post them. WTF? Investigation…

Turns out, for some weird reason, the time setting on here, which was set to -180 GMT (Grenwich Mean Time minus 180 minutes) and is supposed to be Central Standard Time, was coming up Pacific Time.

I never look at the times of my posts, but some how I feel a little sleighted by this, mainly because I know some posts have come at around 2 or 3 in the morning. Damnit, I want credit for being a night owl on those days!

So, the time thingy should be fixed now and for any post prior to this, you should consider that was posted two hours later than the time actually reads.

Ok, I feel better.

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