This is EXACTLY What the Internet is For

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Sure, the internet delivers boatloads of information. Sure, it has news and games and communities. Of course, it has porn. But, nothing defines the internet like the sheer genius of what I am about to show you.

A couple years back, I ran across a site with a funny Flash animation on it called “Journey: A Tribute to America.” Everyone said it was really funny. They were not kidding.

Months later, I went back to find it was gone and no one on the net seemed to know where to find it. Well, I was going through my old links today and thought about this Flash animation. I did a little searching and found it. I saved it and now have it for all posterity.

This is exactly what I love about the internet. The folks at gave everyone a laugh with their animations of the presidential candidates, but that was just a small sampling of the hundreds of thousands of animations like those across the internet.

Some are funny. Some are violent. Some are downright brilliant. This falls most certainly in the funny category. If you are a fan of the band Journey or even just someone who appreciates the silly seriousness of rock music, you’ll be happy you watched.


Journey: A Tribute to America

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