Thirty Questions Before I Sleep

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I used to always do these things on MySpace. I figure, why not end an evening this way?


1. My ex is: a good friend

2. I am listening to: silence

3. Maybe I should: go to bed

4. I love: my life at the moment

5. My best friends: are the awesomeest (don’t I sound positively 8th grade)

6. I don’t understand: calculus

7. I lose: my keys fairly often

8. People say: crazy things

9. The meaning of my screen name is: nothing. It’s my name.

10. Love is: like oxygen.

11. Somewhere, someone: is sleeping.

12. I will always: wonder about things

13. Forever seems: like a long time

14. I never want to: eat my own head

15. My cell phone is: missing at the moment

16. When I wake in the morning: I hear sports radio coming from my alarm clock

17. I get annoyed at: inconsiderate people

18. Parties are: fun if they are with people I know

19. My dog is: non-existent since I don’t have one.

20. Kisses are the worst when: they come from cows

21. Today IAM: . No need for any other words.

22. Tonight I will: sleep soundly.

23. Tomorrow I will: work

24. I really want: the weekend to get here

25. When I looked at myself in the mirror today I: made a face

26. I will next drive my car: tomorrow to the store

27. A word that rhymes with “PARK” is: bark

28. Bright or Dark Room?: dark

29. If I’m alone in a room with two beds, I sleep on the one that: is most comfortable

30. The last thing I said to someone was: good night.

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