Things I Love: Twitter

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Every Thursday, I post about the things that I love, and God only knows what those things might be.

It’s Twitter, it’s Twitter, for fun it’s a wonderful toy!
It’s Twitter, it’s Twitter, fun for an @girl and an @boy!

Fail WhaleSing it to the tune of Slinky. You’ll get it. If you don’t, that’s ok. Not everyone gets everything, much like the thing I love for today.

Some don’t understand it. Others think it’s stupid. Still others think it hung the moon.

Twitter is the annoyingly pervasive web 2.0 “microblogging” service that is one part chat, one part blog and 100 percent time waster. It is often the equivalent of “I just at a cheese sandwich” or “Dude, Obama totally won and shit!”

However, it is also a fantastic way to find interesting links to stories, break news (the first photos from the plane that crashed in the Hudson were from a Twitter user), promote yourself, crack goofy one-liners and drop a quick note to someone without having to mess with your cell phone or email client.

More importantly, Twitter is one of the things that makes the internet so interesting and diverse. Sure, there are people on Twitter who just want to sell you something or whose Tweets are so inane that you want to stab yourself in the trackpad. There are people who Tweet way too much and at really inappropriate times (I don’t want to know that you just had an orgasm or that they just closed the lid on the coffin, thanks).

But, Twitter also engages people in interesting conversations, hooks people up for lunch when they don’t know where to eat, delivers information quickly and efficiently when asked, keeps you posted on what people are doing this weekend and lets you talk about ninjas all you want (that last one may just be me).

Twitter brings together two things that are clearly and wholly internet:

1. The short attention span of the average web user.
2. The desire of people to talk endlessly about themselves and learn about the trivial minutia of the lives of others.

It is the perfect place to be completely and sometimes inappropriately personal while still retaining a degree of casual distance and doing it in 140 characters or less.

If there is a better tool for the internet age, I don’t know what it is.

Need proof, follow me on Twitter.

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