There’s Stupid and Then There’s Limbaugh

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I was going to say, “and then there’s Rush,” but I don’t want there to even be the slightest hint that this fat douchebag might remind you of the band.

Apparently, gasbag Limbaugh is suggesting that Michael J. Fox went off his meds to look sicker in an ad for a democratic candidate simply because Limberger has “never seen him the way he appears in this commercial.”

Oh, that’s right, because you frigging live with MJ and his family, you would know how he behaves on a daily basis. Jesus, what a moron.

For an encore, maybe he’ll tell kids waiting for healthcare at the emergency room that they’re faking that whooping cough for free medicine or rail against a video of drowning victims from Hurricane Katrina saying they are faking so they can get government funded swimming lessons.

What a scumbag.

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