The Tournament of Dorks Parade

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George Lucas is second only to Gene Roddenberry in the dork kingdom.  He’s like Vice President of Dorkdom.  So, when he says he’s bringing 200 storm troopers to the 118th annual Tournament of Roses Parade, well, it’s gonna be a  swingin’ affair fo shiz.

Not long from now, in our very own galaxy, the “Star Wars Spectacular” will bring an intergalactic spirit – and 200 stormtroopers – to the 118th annual Tournament of Roses parade.

Grand Marshal George Lucas will be accompanied by two “Star Wars”-themed floats and an army of costumed storm troopers. Lucas, 62, invited the evil soldiers (really costumed superfans from all over the world) to march with him during the New Year’s Day parade in Pasadena.

The stormtroopers belong to a fan club called the 501st Legion, which boasts 3,000 members who appear at fundraisers and charitable events. Members create their own costumes, which can cost up to $1,000 each.

Other “Star Wars” characters will ride floats in the parade. Four Ewoks will be aboard the Forest Moon of Endor float, from the “Return of the Jedi” era. The Naboo: The Garden Planet float, from the recent “Star Wars” trilogy, will carry three Queens of Naboo and two Jedi protectors.

Nah, that’s not geeky at all!  Nothing says, “I’m so totally NOT a geek” like “The Naboo: The Garden Planet float.” Maybe he can bring along a big screen and show folks the Star Wars Holiday Special as a treat.

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