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I admit it. I read the gossip blogs or der gossipblogginschnitzel as they call them in Germany, where Petra Nemcova is from. Actually, they don’t call them that in Germany and Nemcova is probably from Russia or some eastern block country where they grow attractive women on hot girl farms and sell them to rich Americans who can’t get American women to take their money for sex.

Anyway, Nemcova, considered by some to be the most beautiful supermodel in Eastern Europe, broke up with her musician boyfriend, James Blunt after Blunt allegedly cheated on her with numerous women because, well, he can. That’s what young pop stars do…that and sacrifice babies to Satan for milky white skin and a publicist smart enough to spin a bust for heroin possession into a life lesson for kids about just saying no.

The best part of this story…is this post from The Superficial.

Just to be clear it was James Blunt that cheated. On Petra Nemcova. This isn’t like Kevin Connolly cheating on Nicky Hilton. This is like a Ford Taurus cheating on a Ferrari. Like my 4-year-old cousin’s finger painting cheating on the fucking Mona Lisa. The only world where stuff like this is supposed to happen is the world where ice cream tastes like broccoli and rain falls up.

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