The Summer Heat is Upon Us

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Ok, so my least favorite time of year is here. It’s friggin’ hot outside and it hasn’t even hit 90 yet. On top of that, the Rockets season is at the furthest point from starting, the Texans don’t play for 3 months and the Astros suck. Oy!

Let’s add to that list mosquitoes, high electricity bills, ridiculous gas prices, hurricanes and, as Elaine said on Seinfeld, “The heat! My God, the heat!”

I’m not a big sun guy. I tend to like to stay pale and indoors. This doesn’t preclude me from outdoor activity. It’s just that the sun kicks my ass. When I’m out in it directly for very long, I just get burnt. My dad and I went fishing when it was still cool and I felt like toast when I got home, which is why the Easy-Up tent is coming with me next time.

I guess maybe my complaint is heat without shade more than heat alone. No, it’s the heat. Really.

I’m glad that we don’t have to dig ourselves out of massive snow drifts in the winter. That’s the tradeoff, I assume, for the blistering summer months. But, it doesn’t make it any more fun.

Time to hibernate. Who’s with me?

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