The Paid…oh, God, the Pain!!!

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Ok, that’s overdoing it. 🙂

I went out today to shoot some pictures. I started downtown and decided to ride the rails like an urban hobo down toward Hermann Park. Got a few nice pictures on the way and chatted with some fellow travellers.

As I’m walking towards Hermann following the mini railroad tracks, I trip ever-so-slightly on a railrod tie. For a split second, I think, “Cool, I’m not falling,” when my other foot trips a second time and I go splayed out all over the ground near the tracks. Here are my actions in order as follows:

1. Immediately check the camera for damage. Just a scrape to the lens hood. Whew.

2. Look around to see if anyone saw me. No one was around, fortunately. I’m so vain. 🙂

3. Look to see if a train was coming. You never know. To be run over by a train has some romantic connotations to it, but to be run over by a MINI train? Uh, no.

4. Ok, NOW check my injuries. Legs, still attached. Arms, sore but attached. Knees scraped but not bad. Right elbow…ouch. Ok, the first few layers of skin are gone and it’s bleeding. Now, what?

5. Stand up and dust myself off.

6. Walk over to a bench to sit and make a phone call. I figured a friend would either give me sympathy or laugh at me, but until I assess the damage, I figure better call someone just in case I need a faster ride home.

7. I joke about the Ben Taub Trauma Center being about 3 blocks away. Of course, they’d laugh me out of the ER.

8. Walk to a vendor in the park to get water to wash out the cut.

9. Obviously, take pictures of the wounds. Send a couple of them to friends via the cell phone.

10. Walk back to the light rail line to begin the journey back.

11. Try to figure out how to put the images together and how I should write about it in my blog.

Sigh. No (significant) harm done and I’m back home. But, my shoulder is kinda killing me from landing awkwardly. The price you pay for walking on the tracks I guess. 🙂

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