The Greatest Movie Title of All Time

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(in full-on movie trailer voice…)Every so often, a film comes along that changes the way films are made – a movie so important, it changes the very landscape of the motion picture industry. This is NOT that film.

But, the title absolutely kicks ass!!!

Ok, brace yourselves…

“Snakes On a Plane”

Seriously! And it’s about SNAKES on a FREAKING PLANE!!! OMG, that has to be the most brilliant film title EVAR! And starring Samuel L. Jackson.


Apparently, this was just a working title until it leaked onto the net and people started freaking out. A screenwriter even blogged about his involvement and obsession with the name, turning the film title into a euphamism for “Shit Happens.”

It now even has an entry in the Urban Dictionary. Sample phrase:

Guy 1: (irate) Dude, you just ran into the back of my SUV!
Guy 2: (calm) Snakes on a plane man. Snakes on a plane.


I love that this is a thriller and not a comedy. With Jackson in the lead role and a name like that, this could become an instant cult classic even before it hits theatres.

I’m totally psyched! listing

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