The CD is FREAKING Done!!! Biyatch!!!

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Sorry about that bitch thing. Just got carried away. But, seriously, the orange is in CD, Another Lame Semi-Tragedy has moved beyond concept and rough mixes to done deal.

Chris and I finished up the last tweaks to the mixdown this morning and I Fed Ex’ed the master disc to Terra Nova Studios in Austin for mastering. It should be back by the end of the week all ready to be duplicated.

This was an exhaustive process, but it was totally worth it. The thing sounds amazing. I’m so proud of what we did.

We actually finished our last mixdown day on Friday, but one of the songs had a small problem that we didn’t catch until after we were done so we had to go back in this morning and get it corrected.

It was a tiny detail that probably only we would’ve heard, but, as I told Chris, we didn’t spend all this time and money on a CD to skimp on one thing that will bug the hell out of us.

Everyone’s performances were tremendous. They did the songs justice. George and I have both talked about how great it would be to put out a CD of our stuff that we could finally be proud of and I think this is it.

Cover art is below. We should send it off for duplication next week and hope to have our copies back in early Janaury. Don’t forget the CD release party on January 28 at Rudyard’s. Woot!

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