That’s Right Star Wars Geeks, It’s Time

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For those of you who have been living on Mars in a cave with your fingers in your ears and your eyes shut (thank YOU, Cecil), Star Wars Episode III opens tonight at midnight and many a geek will no doubt be dressed in their finest SW garb. One would hope that at least one or two hotties dressed as Leiah in that gold slave bikini will show up too.

I was a big fan of the original and many have made a big deal out of fathers who saw the original at the theatres taking their kids to see the new one. Well, I’ve seen I and II and they blow goats, so let’s hope this one is better.

I like Ewan McGregor, Samuel A. is the man and Natalie Portman is a hottie even if she is a skinhead now – yikes – but Christen Haydensen or Hayden Christopher or whatever the hell his name is isn’t my idea of a good Darth Vader. He’s too damn sunny and California.

Plus, it’s just so overdone. Call me old skool, but I like the big sets and ships on wires. There was something organic about the originals that is lacking in the prequel trilogy (I can’t believe we have to invent a name for that).

Anyway, have fun all you wookies and droids since, unless you want to see a pudgy Mark Hamil and an even pudgier Carrie Fisher all suited up in Episode VII: All You Can Eat, this is your last chance to feel the glory of the rebellion and the darkness of the empire.

May the force be with you. Live long and prosper. There is no spoon. Nanoo, nanoo.

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