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Anyone who knows me, and if you are reading this you either know me or are terribly bored, knows that I love t-shirts.  I have many of them mostly with alternately stupid and funny messages on them – mostly stupid.  I’m always on the lookout for another “WTF?” or “My Mommy Says I’m Special” t-shirt, so I search for them on the net.

Recently, I found this killer new blog all about t-shirts.  There is a blog for everything now from obscure people’s obituaries to weird drawings on index cards to the sex habits of the killer wombat.  Ok, I made one of those up.  I mean, who would believe that people would read a blog about obscure people’s obituaries?

But, the point is that there are a ton of people with way too much time on their hands and just as many who provide them daily reading enjoyment like the blog I mentioned.

In a recent post, the TCritic reported on a t-shirt from the CraigsList Foundation.  Yeah, surprised me too.  That crazy list website that allows people to find dwarfs to entertain parties, tell that strange girl at the dry clearners you think she’s hot and just let the world know you have a broken washer for sale actually has a foundation with some pretty good causes.  I guess even freaks can help out…if inadvertantly.

Upon further parusal of the list of t-shirts on the site, I must admit that there are a few I wouldn’t mind having myself (hint, hint).

CraigsList T-Shirt CraigsList T-Shirt CraigsList T-Shirt

If you are wondering, I’m an XL and I prefer white (lettering) on black as opposed to black on white.  Cue Michael from the office: “That’s what she said!”

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