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Twitter is Like Talking: A General Waste of Time but Fun When Drunk or Quoting the Simpsons

I Twitter a lot. This makes me either hilariously observant in less than 140 characters or an internet addict who won’t shut the hell up. I’m guessing it’s a bit of both. Truth is, Twitter is really no different from any other conversation you have in real life. It’s just broken up into convenient sound bites you can carry with… Read more →

Really CNN? Complaining About Twitter?

There was a lot of craziness on Twitter yesterday and the internet in general with regard to the dreaded swine flu outbreak of 2009. I read that the swine flu literally turns people into human/pig hybrids that allow them to hoof across the globe looking for slop…and love. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I do know that the… Read more →

Things I Love: Twitter

Every Thursday, I post about the things that I love, and God only knows what those things might be. It’s Twitter, it’s Twitter, for fun it’s a wonderful toy! It’s Twitter, it’s Twitter, fun for an @girl and an @boy! Sing it to the tune of Slinky. You’ll get it. If you don’t, that’s ok. Not everyone gets everything, much… Read more →

Plane Crashes 2.0

Many of you probably read all about the plane that skidded off the runway in Denver bound for Houston last month. If you follow Twitter, you may have seen the passenger who Twittered about it immediately after. The immediacy of the internet demonstrated in all its glory. Today, a US Airways plane crash landed into the Hudson River. Fortunately, like… Read more →