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Tubesday: The Greatest American Hero

Every Tuesday I write about the television shows I watched growing up and I watched a LOT of tv. Ask my retinas. Like most boys, I was enamored with things like athletes, martial artists and, yes, comic book heroes. When The Greatest American Hero hit the airwaves, I was immediately hooked. GAH ran from 1981-83 on ABC and starred William… Read more →

Jasmine Guy and Gay Ninjas: All That and Andy Rooney Tonight on Niche TV

I was flipping channels tonight and I came to this show on TLC called Heli-Loggers. Apparently, it’s about loggers…with helicopters…and I started to wonder, “Do we really need programming that is this narrowly focused?” We already have Those Guys That Die on the Ocean, or whatever that show about crab hunters is called, an entire show about some dude who… Read more →


Two years ago, I complained about how the Associated Press forced you to use Internet Explorer if you wanted to view their videos. Since that time, the AP has moved to a cross-platform compatible video viewer. Who hasn’t, right? Um, TNT, that’s who. For some reason, my DVR didn’t record Leverage last night (very cool show, btw) and I tuned… Read more →

The Amish Fireplace

I was watching a re-run of Stargate: Atlantis (shut up) at 8:30am this morning (I said, shut up) and noticed a few odd advertisements running on the SciFi channel. Most bizarre was this one. In case you didn’t feel like watching the whole thing because you have ADD or were attacked by ninjas who took your eyesight and will to… Read more →