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My Favorite 25 Albums of the Decade

Seems like everyone is making their end-of-decade lists these days. Top 10 best movies, top 10 worst predictions, top 10 ninjas, top 10 animals having sex on video videos, top 10 pieces of cheese; it’s sort of a requirement that when you have a blog, you tell people about what you liked the last 10 years as if anyone really… Read more →

The Boss Was Just Like Me, Only Talented and Cool

I’m rockin’ the suburbs, Just like Michael Jackson did. I’m rockin’ the suburbs, Except that he was talented. Yesterday, Bruce Springsteen played the halftime show of the Super Bowl. Even for him, this was probably the biggest audience he’ll ever play for if you include all the millions of people watching on television. After much debate online about the songs… Read more →