Suck It 2008 Party Photos

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With the new blog and the new year, I promised myself I would use the blog to post more of my own favorite photos with some basic information on them if for no other reason than just to document what I had done throughout the year. No better time to start than now.

Some friends of mine and I planned a New Year’s Eve party at my house. All of us felt like 2008 was not as good as we would have liked it and decided on “Suck It 2008” as the theme.

Many of the people who were at the party are photographers. I didn’t take a ton, but I got a few I really loved.


A couple of things to note about this. First, it is square. My good friend and frequent photography partner Katya and I were discussing her love of the square format in photos and I’ve come to see the real benefits of using that format. Second, I just loved how this looked in black and white. Lastly, HAIR!

He Doesn't Look a Thing Like [Pink] Jesus

This is probably my favorite of the night. I love the perspective and depth of field. It reminds me of something you might see in a newspaper article about people who play Rock Band…or have house parties…or love Pink Jesus. It’s just good.

Those are my two faves. There are a dozen or so others in the set I created for the party. Have a look and enjoy.

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